lunedì 23 maggio 2011

Look of the day

Model of the day

Alla Kostromicheva

La forma di un sopracciglio ha la capacità di trasformare il volto di una persona, un particolare in grado di scardinare lo sguardo, mutando notevolmente l'espressione.

Eyebrow shapes can change a face, a detail can make over the gaze and consequently the look.

Leitmotiv: "details"

Ciò che conta sono i dettagli, lo spirito di una personalità racchiuso in pochi particolari che parlano da sè e narrano storie ed avvenimenti passati (o futuri) su di essa. Se pensiamo che nel gesto del vestire il dettaglio possa equivalere all' "accessorio", cioè ciò che risulta fondamentale per la distinzione dalle altre persone, si fa davvero ironico pensare che alcuni dei suoi sinonimi siano "inessenziale, superfluo", soprattutto poichè è un aspetto fondamentale per lo stile ma  "trascurabile" in altri campi.

It's the detail that counts, as a spirit of a personality which is enclosed in every particular telling about past or future stories and events. If we think about the way of dressing "details" are equivalent to the "accessories", essential elements to be different from the others. It's ironic that "needless" and "unnecessary" are synonymous of "accessories", maybe because "accessories" are key pieces in style but not so important in other fields.

giovedì 12 maggio 2011

Leitmotiv: recycling images and materials

Right from the beginning, man used old fabrics to create something new. In the Middle Age skirt became sleeves or corsets, many sheets became shirt, fur stoles became cuffs and collars. In Japan is traditional to turn old and precious kimonos in gifts, as little kimonos for kids or in haori and hiyoku (japanese shirts and petticoats). Vintage and all the modern style originated from recycle.
As Ovidio said: nothing perishes, everything changes.

Some illustrations of Rene Gruau from the '50, '60,and '70 compare with spring-summer 2011 runways.

mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

Look of the day

A beautiful patchwork jacket with older fabric.

Art Section: Steven Bishop

One of the most outstanding themes of the modernity is the enviromental awarness and, consequently, the recycle. Steven Bishop, a 27 years old canadian artist, suggests how to reuse material such as fabrics, mirrors, cement, glass, to create installation inspired by reality. Ripped clothes and shattered  mercury express in his works our reliance on shopping, our materialism.

As If You Could Only Kill Time Without Injuring Eternity I (2011)

As If You Could Only Kill Time Without Injuring Eternity II (2011)

venerdì 6 maggio 2011

Save the date!

J A P A N - a charity show for children.

An exhibition dedicated to children, set into Brera's frame, from 5th to the 15th of May, at the Cocchi Gallery and Ass. Cult. Arte Giappone, 18 artists will showcase their works, 100% of the fundraising will support the Emergency Fund and the intervention of Save the Children in Japan.
The exhibition involves:
2501, Bo 130,Dem, El Gato Chimney, Jaybo Monk, Kazumi Kurihara, Kaori Miyayama, Marco Pho Grassi, Makiko Asada, Makoto, Michael Rotondi, Microbo, Ozmo, Rae Martini, Santy, Sten and Lex, Termine G, Yuko Tsukamoto.

Cocchi Gallery - Via Pontaccio 19 , Milano
Associazione Culturale Arte Giappone - Vicolo Ciovasso 1, Milano

Model of the day

Jacob Crumbley

martedì 3 maggio 2011

Fashion Gadget: nostalgia

Feelings and emotions generate the artist’s creativity.
Nostalgia for the past, a whistful desire to return in thought to a time we haven’t have the chance to live, but through stories we have well idealized also hides an optimistic side : a second chance, a second chance to live, to remember, to try again.
Vintage style shows the nostalgic feelings better than any other trend, living the past in the future.
In 830 Sign collection the modern aviator comes out again, with comfortable pants, snug sweatshirt, military sweater, all in camouflage colour. 830 Sign woman reminds of a pin-up, a naughty look, with high waist skirt, liberty patterns, nautical ribbons, shorts and the shining colours of economic recovery.

Look of the day

On the streets of NY we can see a great mix of style themes which remind the Fifties: plumed derby of the turn of the century, striped high waist skirt, knee socks, red case of the first working women.

Art Section: Irina Werning

"Back to Future" Irina Werning

As we are and as we were. An argentina contemporary artist, Irina Werning, studies human physiognomy and psychology by photo shoot. Same places, same looks, same expressions and poses of childhood live again in the adulthood, with a great sense of nostalgia.
The name of this last artistic work is "Back to future", in which friends and acquaintances are rediscovered in their inner feelings, showing the contrast between what should and what they really became.
Coming soon her new work "Back to future II".