mercoledì 27 aprile 2011

Model of the day

Barbara Palvin

Candid, pure, ethereal.

Look of the day

A good transparency example is in her beautiful skirt, but also in his sunglasses.

Fashion Gadget: transparency

Seeing through is a bit like seeing beyond, capturing something more than appearance. The woman covered with diaphanous veils is ready to reveal herself in her soul.

Leitmotiv: transparency

László Moholy-Nagy

The trend of transparency is back with arrogance, it is one of the most fascinating and mysterious concept, just because transparency revealswhat we don't have. Although we are covered with thousand layers of bones, muscles, viscera and skin, we always have a nudity feeling and we have to wear suits and masks in every occasion. Being transparent means being true, honest with ourself and the others, being not only matirial but full of essence. No heaviness, just lightness. Being transparent also means wearing the light, because is only through that, the transparency becomes visible.

Javacheff Christò

mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

Music inspiration
'Contact High' by Architecture In Helsinki

Musical group born in 2000 in Melbourne, now at their fifth album: "Moments Bends". Their music uses a wide range of instruments, from the rarest as analog synthesizers, samplers and glockenspiel, to the classical instruments such as trumpet, tuba, trombone, clarinet and flute, and the more conventional guitar, bass and drums. This evening they start their global tour passing from Milan, Turin, Berlin, London, Paris, Vien, Prague, Basel, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington... We like so much their musicality and the way they expose a surrealist view of the life, expecially in their new video, where the attention for design and colour is high.

Model of the day

Kate Moss

On an aesthetic level, the asymmetry is so important. If everything was perfect every detail would lose interest and uniqueness, every expression would lose intensity, every man would lose personality. Contrasting features give a face its unique charm. Kate moss is a distinctive example.

Look of the day

Being on the ball, this is an impressive look for the "peaceful conflict" of the irregular facial details and for the pre-order the body in a scheme: mirror and equal lapels, cuffs and turnups, with a square hair cut.

Interior design: Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic

Symmetries define and fill the space around us, creating objects with a sense of emptiness. Design does not exist unless it is useful, preferably in realized perfect shapes, contrasting a world so confused and imperfect, like all of us. Konstantin Grcic is our solution for today, chairs, desks, lamps and cups, made in a geometric order, but also tailored jackets, in collaboration with Brioni, the Italian bespoke brand, which give the body symmetry, which usually doesn't belong to human nature.

martedì 19 aprile 2011

Model of the day

Alexandra Agoston

Let us examine. In depth. Face to face with our identity, without any mask, without any makeup. We like this picture of Alexandra Agoston, as it's pure, no frills, no background. Self-ironic, self-assured beautiful and simple.

Art section: Sabine Delafon

We are all constantly looking for ourselves, in a sort of global feeling. One day our identity falls into crisis: a gesture, suddenly a sign, a blow, and you have to start all over again. The identity is defined through the family, our home, the actions we perform every day, and the way we dress. For Sabine Delafon, the photo shot is a tool to understand people profiles, showing the hard and harsh reality.

Look of the day

A new garconne  and a new Grace Jones on the streets of Paris. Great self-consciousness and  style.